„One could scarcely imagine a figure less reminiscent of G.E.Lessing.“ (Behrndt/Turner: Dramaturgy and Performance, 2008)

In the traditional way a dramaturg does the programming for a theatre, he or she chooses plays and performances, directors and actors and keeps track of the overall artistic concept of a theatre/venue. At a later stage, called production dramaturgy, the dramaturg does the research (e.g. of background information, current political connections to a play etc.) for a production, edits, translates or adapts texts and advises the director and the rest of the ensemble on the process of making and rehearsing. He/she acts as an outside eye to provide thorough feedback from an audience point of view.

In a contemporary context of fringe theatre (freies Theater), live art, interdisciplinary artistic projects and devised performance, being a dramaturg becomes a multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary role that is constantly changing and adapts to every production anew.

Here is a list of what a dramaturg can do for you and your project:

Being an outside eye

Programming and Curating, making a season`s schedule

Researching background information

Structuring thoughts and images, finding and showing interesting connections within your work

Bouncing ideas around with/Brainstorming

Asking the right questions to help your art making

Editing, adapting, translating and writing text

Giving critical and detailed feedback throughout the rehearsal and making process and about the performance or art work itself

Playing devil`s advocate in discussions

Casting and Networking

Advising the director/the ensemble/the scenographer/the devising process




Organisation and Administration of your production

Finding creative solutions for presenting yourself/your art work and Marketing

Creating Applied theatre (Theaterpädagogik) and workshops in tune with your production

Formulating and keeping track of an over all artistic concept

If you think you need a dramaturg or have any questions about the above, do get in touch with me. I will be very happy to hear from you.

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Ursula Graber: Woman Hood

Dance Performance, Graz/A, 2021

Signhild Wærsted/Annika Vestel: Til Overs

Interactive promenade performance for children, Amot/NO, 2014

Peer Gynt . Spielen! (Director: Elina Finkel)

Theatre performance, Graz/A, 2013

Wie es euch gefällt (Director: Axel Richter)

Outdoor theatre performance, Graz/A, 2012

Alice Schalek: Die letzten Tage der Menschheit (Director: Hans Peter Horner)

Theatre performance, Graz/A, 2011