„One could scarcely imagine a figure less reminiscent of G.E.Lessing.“ (Behrndt/Turner: Dramaturgy and Performance, 2008)


In the traditional way a dramaturg does the programming for a theatre, he or she chooses plays and performances, directors and actors and keeps track of the overall artistic concept of a theatre/venue. At a later stage, called production dramaturgy, the dramaturg does the research (e.g. of background information, current political connections to a play etc.) for a production, edits, translates or adapts texts and advises the director and the rest of the ensemble on the process of making and rehearsing. He/she acts as an outside eye to provide thorough feedback from an audience point of view.


In a contemporary context of fringe theatre (freies Theater), live art, interdisciplinary artistic projects and devised performance, being a dramaturg becomes a multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary role that is constantly changing and adapts to every production anew.


Here is a list of what a dramaturg can do for you and your project:


  • Being an outside eye


  • Programming and Curating, making a season`s schedule


  • Researching background information


  • Structuring thoughts and images, finding and showing interesting connections within your work


  • Bouncing ideas around with/Brainstorming


  • Asking the right questions to help your art making


  • Editing, adapting, translating and writing text


  • Giving critical and detailed feedback throughout the rehearsal and making process and about the performance or art work itself


  • Playing devil`s advocate in discussions


  • Casting and Networking


  • Advising the director/the ensemble/the scenographer/the devising process


  • Teambuilding

  • Producing


  • Organisation and Administration of your production


  • Finding creative solutions for presenting yourself/your art work and Marketing


  • Creating Applied theatre (Theaterpädagogik) and workshops in tune with your production


  • Formulating and keeping track of an over all artistic concept



If you think you need a dramaturg or have any questions about the above, do get in touch with me. I will be very happy to hear from you.

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