Collateral Damage




Photos: Julia Rohn

To protect. To control. To separate. To label. To define. To keep out. To keep in. To discipline. To be different. To take possession. To not become too big. To not become too small. To be one.

How is a body a territory, where are its borders, how can it be mapped?

Where does body improvement end, when does mutilation start?

Provocatively asked: What is the difference between female circumcision and genital surgery?

Bodies and borders - does it all come down to invasion versus protection?

Female bodies have been made battlefields for both domestic and political conflicts in history as well as today. Mothers bearing children for the nation, rape as military strategy, bodies being cut for beautification...

In their live art performance Collateral Damage ROHN/WÆRSTED draw provocative links between nation and beauty, war and motherhood, plastic surgery and identity.

They work at the intersection between research, contemporary dance, visual art and theatre, experimenting with manipulation, drawing, moving human sculptures and documentary materials.


Rom for Dans, Oslo/NO

Buskerud Kunstsenter, Drammen/NO

Love me Gender, KosmosTheater, Wien/A

Theater am Lend, Graz/A

The Nordic House, Torshavn/FO