The Bikini Effect


Artists: Hanna Rohn/ Signhild Waersted

Photos: Signhild Waersted

If men see a woman in bikini, they open a bank account. Or sell stock. Or buy a car.

Women in bikini make men more impulsive. At least that is, what a recent marketing study says about the phenomenon that it names „bikini effect“.

The performance and photography series „The Bikini Effect“ questions the objectification and sexualisation of female bodies and body parts, especially through covering and uncovering, clothing trends and rules.

What is it that makes men impulsive and turns women into objects? What does the bathing suit have, that the bikini doesn`t? Or the other way round? A little more fabric on one side, a naked belly on the other.

Is it the naked belly, that moves men to make decisions?

And the spiral of sexualisation and objectification has already started – with its demands to cover or uncover body parts. Not only openly shown skin, but also its covering turns it into something intimate and sexual.

„Likely to make you more impulsive“ is written mirrored onto the belly of a woman in bikini. It is body-printed against a canvas on the wall which makes the sentence readable and starts the communication with the spectators.

Objectification functions on both sides – after all the notion that a naked belly could make people/men more impulsive and influence their decisions says something about their sexualisation as well.