Let's talk about death, baby


Concept and Performance:

Emma Berentsen and Hanna Rohn

Photos: Julia Rohn

I am going to die. You are going to die. We are all going to die.

This piece is about the realization of our own mortality. Part performance, part honest conversation we explore the many aspects of death in our current western society - from deeply personal decisions to its commercialisation.  Since both artists have eaten and performed with people connected to a South London hospice in 2014, they have been fascinated by the very special connection between food and dying.  A connection between survival and the end of it, a connection that is inscribed in various rituals: From the motive of the last supper which is given new meaning by the assisted suicide movement to the Austrian tradition of "Leichenschmaus".

Death is still a taboo - even in a world confronting us with an increase of individualised decisions of how we want to leave.


Theater am Lend, Graz/A