Love Letters to an Audience


Concept and Performance: Hanna Rohn

Photos: Wolfgang Dekeyser

Over the length of one evening an artist will try to make the audience fall in love with her, and more importantly, with her work.

Taking „36 questions to make anyone fall in love“ from a 1997 scientific study as a starting point for her experiment, she explores the wide range of recipes, techniques, studies and advices that are offered by the internet as well as by science: How to make someone fall in love with you.

In conjunction to the constant demand for self-marketing as an artist, prepared to sell oneself and one`s art, those love strategies get a completely new meaning. In the end the initially comical proposition of making the audience fall in lovef is not far out from the reality of everyday artistic practice.

„Love Letters to an Audience“ is work- and self-display at once, an exhibition of past artistic accomplishments and a life story: authentic, intimate and close up as it is demanded by both love as well as PR. Instructions for falling in love as art marketing and the other way round:

Take care of yourself. Let them see all of you. Be mysterious. Find something to laugh about, e.g. your pet. Make them feel like a hero. Give space. Make eye contact. Do something scary on the first date. Practice puppillometrics.

Will you fall in love with me tonight?

Previous Performances:

Steiermark-Büro Brüssel, BE (work-in-progress)

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