Mental Muscle

Mental Muscle (2023)

Concept and Performance:

Ursula Graber / Hanna Rohn

Outside Eye: Alina Stockinger
Costume and props: Lisa Horvath
Production: Christina Vanek
PR: Veronika Rogenhofer
Photography: Edi Haberl
Camera: Fabian Czernovsky

Co-produced by NEWSoffSTYRIA 2.23

Funded by Stadt Graz Kultur and Referat Frauen & Gleichstellung, Land Steiermark Kultur, Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport, Bildrecht.

Supported by Das andere Theater, Tanz Graz, Tanzhaus Graz and LAUT!

    Somewhere in between mental effort, care work and a vague risk awareness – that is Mental Load. Or: Weightlifting for invisibility. A rather female sport. But where there is mental load, shouldn`t there also be a mental muscle?

    Mental Muscle is a performative walk at the crossroads between movement and dance, installation and gender research which invites you to think and go along with, to question and to carry.

    Mental Load means having to think of everything – who will bear it in mind? Mental Load means emotional work – who will take responsibility? Mental Load is invisible – mostly. Sometimes the load shows itself in very real weights: According to studies women on average carry half a kilo of real baggage more than men. They literally carry things and people, but are still not considered to be the strongest. So shouldn`t women* have a mental muscle - invisible, but highly trained?


    13.09.2023, 17:00 * Premiere at NEWSoffSTYRIA 2.23

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    Do 14.09. 17:00
    Sa 16.09. 11:00 & 17:00
    So 17.09. 17:00 Lendviertel, Graz

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