The Pleasure is all Ours

The Pleasure is All Ours (2019)


Concept and Performance:

Hanna Rohn

Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst ’19

Funded by Stadt Graz Kultur und Land Steiermark Kultur. 

Photos: Julia Rohn, Mathias Völzke

    Hanna Rohn’s interactive performance in the herbstkantine sets out to probe the social relations behind the production of desire for culinary, sexual, or cultural pleasure, as marketed by the respective industries.

    Following her thorough examination of a wide range of scientific and popular techniques for making people fall in love, Rohn tests them on audience members, causing them to be enamored not only of human beings but of objects, landscapes, or even abstract concepts. She enchants the audience with smiles, body language, and other tricks, playfully reenacting familiar, affective mechanisms from everyday life.

    In this way, her intimate performance draws attention to the self-marketing imperatives of our time and how they create a gray zone of artificial affect between quasi-artistic performance and service.


    herbstkantine, steirischer herbst'19 - Grand Hotel Abyss, A

    Trailer of the performance

    herbst portrait of the artist