Verrückte (2019)


Concept and Performance:

Emma Berentsen / Hanna Rohn

Co-produced by NEWSoffSTYRIA 2.19

Funded by Stadt Graz Kultur und Land Steiermark Kultur. 

Photos: Michael Gius, Clemens Nestroy, Emma Berentsen

    Verrückte invites the audience into a space of stories. Together we will hear voices - ours, yours and those of female artists, who were deemed mad because they did not fit in as women* in society.

    What are all the meanings of the word “verrückt” (mad)? Where do we draw the line between creativity and madness? How much mental suffering does art need – or does it, at all?

    Between performance, audio-piece and first aid course in mental health we question stigmas and romanticized ideas around mental suffering or wellbeing and the image of the mad artist.

    After a year of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hanna and Emma decided to rework the existing piece into a participatory online performance: Come visit us in our online group practice/laboratory/studio - simply from the safe space of your choice. It will be an attempt to have an honest conversation about sensitive experiences in the form of a performance in digital space.


    Theater am Lend, NEWSoffSTYRIA 2.19, A

    Online on Zoom, The World