Creation and Performance:
Emma Berentsen and Hanna Rohn

Co-produced by theaterland steiermark


Photos: Julia Rohn/Michael Gius, Clemens Nestroy


I remember waking up sweating at night. I remember my first period and the cool new underwear my aunt sent me as a present from New York. I remember my friend fainting each time she cut herself. I remember an ambulance arriving. I remember fainting for the first time in my life while looking at an ambulance. I remember being class president and fighting for my peers. I remember my nose tickling.

Verrückte invites the audience into a space of stories. It takes you on a tour through the mind of someone, anyone, of us, of yourself. An experience between performance, audio-piece and first aid course in mental health, it questions stigmas and romanticized ideas around mental suffering or wellbeing and the image of the mad artist.

What are all the meanings of the word “verrückt” (mad)? Where do we draw the line between creativity and madness? How much mental suffering does art need – or does it, at all?

NEWSoffSTYRIA 2.19, Theater am Lend, Graz/A