WHITE OUT (2019)


Concept and Artworks:

Julia Rohn / Hanna Rohn

In cooperation with TVB Krispl-Gaissau and Volkskundemuseum Graz

Funded by Wahre Landschaft (Land Salzburg), Stadt Graz Kultur und Land Steiermark Kultur. 

Photos: Julia Rohn

WHITE OUT invites the audience to think about snow and its absence. Through discussions, story telling or the ironic attempt to produce self-made snow landscapes different voices and perspectives are added to the discourse. 

White symbolises innocence in our culture. But how about the innocence of snow today? The wintery natural phenomenon is deeply connected with Austrian countryside romanticisms, childhood memories and the tourism industry. Due to climate changes its becoming a more rare and unpredictable appearance. Small ski lifts, where we learned to ski as kids, had to close already due to the lack of "natural snow guarantee".

This doesn`t fit into a world in which we want it all, here and now, in which we have gotten used to shape and plan the environment to our liking, to earn money from it. Lucky enough there are valleys rich of snow, who deliver to big skiing areas on pre-order, snow canons and companies advertising that "winter doesn`t have to be a season". 

WHITE OUT is between an interactive exhibition and an creative snow laboratory.  Within the framework of the funding program "Wahre Landschaft" ("True Landscape") it started off in a recently closed skiing area in the countryside of Salzburg. The artworks which were developed through the first run of the exhibition later enter into a dialogue with an urban context of Graz.  

What is "good" snow? What does snow mean for our lives, our identities? How are we going to deal with the ressource of snow in the future? And can we imagine a future without snow? 

Interactive Exhibitions / Snow Laboratories:

03.01.-09.01.2019, Gemeindeamt Krispl-Gaissau, A

29.11.-01.12.2019 Volkskundemuseum Graz, A