I offer workshops, guest lectures, courses or trainings in the following themes. These can be indiviudally planned and adjusted to your needs/the needs of your organisation in terms of content, structure, time schedule, length (2-30 hours) and age of participants. I have a broad experience in teaching both children, youth and adults, also in a university context.

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Sex education for performers

•Relevance of sex education for performers: Sexuality, Gender and Body on Stage

•Self-Experience: Gender and Sexuality

•Body Image and Body Language

•Nudity and depictions of sexual acts

•Violence and setting boundaries

•Doing and Undoing Gender

•Representation and Subversion of dominant imagery and role models on stage

Gender in Performance

•Gender vs. Sex, Doing Gender / Undoing Gender

•Self-Awareness: Gender and Sexuality

•Body Language and Posing / Gendered Body Imagery

•Gender-Crossing and Cross-Dressing

•Gender and Sexuality in Performance Art

•Gender and Sexuality in Pop Songs and Videos

•Sex Education for Performers

•Pornography vs. Art?

•Gender-aware PR for performances

•Working with theatre texts: Strategies of subversion against stereotypes

•Artistic Mini-Projects: Introducing Gender into our own practices

Production Dramaturgy (for theatre and contemporary performance)

•Working with theatre texts: Editing, reworking, transfering contents into the here and now

•Reflections on characters

•Structuring a production

•Liasing with performers, directors, stage designers and technicians

•Being an outside eye: Questions and feedback

•Audience development and PR strategies

•Writing catching programmes

Devising Games and Strategies in contemporary Performance

•What is devising?

•Warming up and energizers

•Teambuilding methods

•Improvisation and theatre sport

•Finding ideas

•Collection and research

•Working with texts or documentary materials

•Structuring methods

•Feedback methods

Doing Gender – Doing Sexuality (Sex Educational Practice and Reflection)

•Practical introduction into Gender Studies and Sex Education

•Sex Education workshops for teenagers: method toolkit

•Self-Experience: Gender and Sexuality

•Doing Gender and Body Image

•Prevention of sexual violence

•Queer Sexualities

•Pornography / Sex and (Social) Media

•Value Clarification and Ethical Questions: e.g. Abortion

•Sex Education in Austria: Current Discussions and existing projects

Sex Education for children and youth


•Love, Sex and Relationships

•Dealing with emotions

•Gender roles

•Sexual orientation


•Sexual health

•Body image

•Pornography / Sex and (Social) Media

•Setting boundaries/prevention of sexual violence