„...artlike art holds that art is separate from life and everything else, whereas lifelike art holds that art is connected to life and everything else. In other words, there is art at the service of art and art at the service of life. The maker of artlike art tends to be a specialist; the maker of lifelike art, a generalist.“ (A. Kaprow)

Hanna Rohn is a performance maker and dramaturg from Austria –  a European artist.

After experiences in traditional as well as contemporary theatre, she gradually shifted her practice towards performance and live art. Having done MAs in Gender Studies, Dramaturgy and Performance Making and working as a voluntary sex educator for teenagers for several years makes her artistic practice interdisciplinary in every sense: She goes for multiple perspectives, seemingly odd connections and asking provocative questions at times.

Her work centers around gender issues, female body and sexuality – posing questions about body image, speech on women, nakedness and gendered identity. These works identify as feminist performance.

However, she generally believes in art as a message-bearer, a tool to make a difference in society. Informed, socially relevant and critical thinking is at the core of her practice. Apart from gender she is interested in themes that move society: From climate change over food culture to how we die. 

She believes in lifelike art, drawn from anecdotes, everyday experiences and materials. The private is not only political, but full of art. She is excited by playfulness, laughter and enjoyment as strong as she is by questioning society. In this way she creates sensual and aesthetic experiences for the audience – installations that you can enter, touch or smell.

As a dramaturg Hanna Rohn is fascinated by shining a light on the connectivity of things, structuring thoughts and imagery. She thinks of dramaturgy as an artistic practice that is based in research, combined with a strong and present practical approach.

A dramaturg`s craft is posing the right questions to equally challenge and support a work of art – resulting in a shared effort for a stunning and reflected artistic outcome. 

Photo: Julia Rohn