We are a young European female performance duo who met while doing their MA in Performance Making in London in 2013/14 and have been working together since then.

We are the dancer, choreographer and performance maker Signhild Wærsted from Norway and the dramaturg, performance maker and sex educator Hanna Rohn from Austria.

Our joint artistic practice circles around gender roles, the body, female sexuality on the one hand and around playfulness in art, touching, audience interaction and installations on the verge of performance on the other.

Our collective work encompasses the following: the performance and photography series The Bikini Effect which deals with the sexualisation of female bodies on the basis of acts of covering and uncovering, the short performance Navel (with Sofia Morandotti) about fears and taboos associated with becoming a mother, the dance theatre performance [Up]Root (with Sophie Connon), which translated the herb/weed-dichotomy onto the female body and the participatory public installation DO TOUCH THE ARTWORK.

Fb: @rohnwaersted

Instagram: #rohnwaersted