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Photo: Hans Peter Jenssen

Photo: Johannes Gellner

Photo: KUG/Wenzel

Photo: KUG/Horvath

"Til Overs" (Left Overs)

Signhild Waersted`s and Annika Vestel`s children performance invites  their young audience into Wang and Vinkel`s laboratory, where the two eccentric inventors try hard to solve the "thing problem" - there are just too many things in the world, in particular  those we don`t even need anymore.

While they  guide  through their world of  whitened things (one of their  many  solving strategies ), they get  distracted by scientific tests and new catastrophies , before  they finally unveil  their newest invention:  An instrument that lets you hear  the secret stories of left over things.

Premiered at Overn Gard, Amot/NO, November 2014.

"Peer Gynt . Spielen!" (Playing Peer Gynt!)

Who am I and if yes, how many? This is the title of a famous philosophical book. And it is also a suitable question for Peer Gynt: What if I am an onion? An onion which has only layers – one after another – but no pip.

Peer Gynt starts off with a bad childhood, teased by the other villagers and a drunken mother. He flees into fantasies of greatness and frequent lies. Over time Peer tries out different ways of life, runs and jumps from one to another – just like he later peels off the layers of an onion. From drug addict to big boss and all the way back. But in the end there is nothing left. Nothing?

The original version of Henrik Ibsen`s „Peer Gynt“ was written 1867 as a poem. Because of its huge success the author later turned it into a play.

„Peer Gynt. Spielen!“ („Playing Peer Gynt“) is a play – in every sense of the word. The concept of director Elina Finkel lets the actors overtly step in and out of their roles to show the construction of the play and of the concept of identity itself. The question is: What is the core of identity? And what have the characters of the play to do with ourselves and the world we live in today?

Premiered at MUMUTH Graz/AT, January 2013.

"Wie es euch gefällt" (As you like it)

A woman dresses up as a man who plays a woman. Another one loves this man who is a woman. And the last one is not the woman that she pretends to be.

A Shakespearian theatrical promenade including: crossdressing, fraternal strife, wrestling matches, love troubles, banishment, shepherd`s life, the melancholy of wilderness, crazy sounds, odd birds and ever-present lust.

But eventually, bitch Fortuna and Hymen take each other`s hand and celebrate quadruple-wedding.

An open air performance by the Drama Institute of the University of Arts Graz in cooperation with the state government of Styria/Austria.

Premiered in Burggarten Graz/AT, June 2012.

"Alice Schalek - Die letzten Tage der Menschheit" (Alice Schalek - The Last Days of Mankind)

This montage of Karl Kraus' magnum opus in which he satirically portrays the development of World War I and the blind belligerence of his contemporaries focusses on scenes he wrote about Alice Schalek. In real life as in the play, she was the first female war journalist - and subject of Kraus` criticism not only, but in particular because of her gender. Linking her figure in the play to a present day female war correspondent on stage, the performance addresses this issue as well as the sharp, but mostly brilliant satire of his contemporaries that Karl Kraus provided.

Director Hanspeter Horner enfolds this drama of surrealistic and dark imagery together with eight actors, eight vocal soloists, a choir of 100 people and a score of original music by young composers. On a stage length of more than 30 metres he shows the movement of the war machine into the apocalypse, when god finally exclaims from above: "I have not intended this".

Premiered at MUMUTH Graz/AT, May 2011.