Concept and Performance:
Jessica Moretto, Clarissa Rêgo and Hanna Rohn


Photos: Hanna Fasching, Julia Rohn


Atem, Feuer, Schweiß, Kaffee,
Sommer, laufen, schieben, Decke,
Lachen, Ärger, Hoffnung, Sex,
Party, Suppe, Demo, Rot.

In their dance performance „Aufwärmen“ dancers Jessica Moretto and Clarissa Rêgo as well as performance artist Hanna Rohn reseach the process of warming up as going beyond the merely physical.

What warms us up? How do physical, social and global temperature work? Can warming up be a tool of communication with and in between bodies, between artists and audiences? What moves us to warm up together?


January 2019, Theater am Lend, Graz/A