White Out


WHITE OUT (2019)

Julia Rohn and Hanna Rohn


Photos: Julia Rohn


In our culture white symbolises innocence. But what about the innocence of snow in our times? Due to climate changes the winterly natural phenomenon, deeply linked to romantic notions of Austrian scenery, childhood memories and regional tourism, is becoming a rare and unpredictable occurence. Several small lifts where we have learned to ski as children are already closed or just before closure because of a lack of „natural snow guarantee“ (natürliche Schneesicherheit). This does not suit a world in which we want to have it all: here and now, in which we have gotten used to co-create nature, to make it predictable and gain revenues from it. Luckily, there are are valleys rich in snow that deliver on pre-order to big skiing regions, there are snow cannons and companys advertising that "winter doesn’t have to be a season".

Small skiing regions like Krispl-Gaissau cannot afford artifical snowmaking, they are dependent on the weather. And the same as for the regions goes for the people who live and work there.

In WHITE OUT we give a voice to different perspectives, we research, discuss and create in a joint snow laboratory. There will be space for irony and humour, but also for very serious approaches.

How will we deal with the ressource snow in the future? What does snow mean for our lives, our identities? And could we imagine a future without snow?

WHITE OUT is an interactive exhibition as well as a creative laboratory. In the frame of the funding programme „Wahre Landschaft“ (Land Salzburg) the project focusses on snow as well as its absence.

January 2019, Krispl-Gaissau/A
November-December 2019, Volkskundemuseum, Graz/A